Monday, March 31, 2014

Hero's Dilemma 01-03

Chapter 1, Page3

003 - Intervention

First things first:
Yes, I am aware that the table looks much smaller here than in the second page. Poor planning on my part. It should really be somewhere in between the two sizes shown (probably about five feet wide and long).
Speaking of which, I have also notice that all of the candles are gone. I forgot to ink them in while drawing, then forgot to edit them in during the digital stages of production.
I guess I'm still used to writing, where exact dimensions don't have to be given, and things won't disappear if you neglect to mention them every paragraph. It's a learning experience.

Secondly, during the month of April, I will endeavor to finish this chapter of Hero's Dilemma, and maybe start on the second. But I will only do that if A) I finish chapter 1, and B) I even decide to continue HD in comic form. We'll see.

Paragon is a very traditional hero. This means that he drops cheesy one-liners and will often strike a heroic pose.

Comments, questions, feedback, and constructive criticism are always welcome here.

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