Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Hero's Dilemma 01-07

Chapter 1, Page7

You might not have picked up on it, with all her subtlety, but Sycorax is a bit miffed right now.

006 -Black Magic Woman

Remember when I said I was going to post a page every 3 days? Ha! That was funny. Well, it's been... what, week since my last post?
The good news is that I am much more pleased with the results than I have been in a while. After this month is over, I'm going to take my time and really try to put more effort into each page. My updates will be less frequent but more punctual and consistent.

Also, I have yet again neglected to add sound effect captions, but I'm sure you can use your imagination.

Comments, questions, feedback, and constructive criticism are always welcome here.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Hero's Dilemma 01-06

Chapter 1, Page 6

 005 - Escape

Oh snap, son. Now you've gone and made her angry.

I've been experimenting a bit with pencil shading. I still have a lot to learn-- especially using the right shades to make it come out right after scanning, etc., but I think I like it more than what I did with the previous page.

And, of course I don't realize that I forgot to put in the sound effects until just before posting it...

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Hero's Dilemma 01-05

005 - Tradition

So you may have noticed two things. Firstly, I didn't color the comic this time. Secondly, I'm posting it two days late.

To answer the first item... as I've colored the previous pages, I sometimes find that individual frames that I thought turned out especially well looked less so after being colored. On top of that, I want to do more exploring into potential styles and techniques, and drawing black and white may help with that-- focusing more on line shading than CG coloring.
To answer the first and second items... I'm way behind schedule, so posting in black and white will save me a load of time, so maybe I'll be able to finish on time this way.
Plus, I seriously doubt I'd be able to keep up doing EVERY page in color indefinitely.

So... how does it look uncolored? Should I keep doing them this way? Yes, I still have to learn things like shading and all that so it doesn't look so unfinished... but I want to try it out.
So leave a comment (that is a thing you can do) and let me know what you think.

Comments, questions, feedback, and constructive criticism are always welcome here.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Hero's Dilemma 01-04

Chapter 1, Page 4

004 - Villain Identified!

Hooded Figure is unmasked, revealed to be a pudgy sorceress. Who'd have thought it?

Those of you unfamiliar with Hero's Dilemma's original incarnation, I have a thing for designing my characters with a variety of body types, as opposed to the "typical" comic book method of making almost everyone physically perfect (or what the artist considered so). So Sycorax, for instance, is... not "fat", but a little plump. Another is 6-foot tall and built like a scarecrow. Another still is 4-foot-something. Some of them are what one might call "ideal". For one, Paragon has nothing to complain about. Others are taller, shorter, heavier, thinner, etcetera. Because people come in all types. I often use the analogy of a dart board that represents a random slice of humanity. A dart (representing a super power) is then thrown at the board. It could hit someone who looks like a descendant of the Greek pantheon, and it might land on someone who looks like what people look like in real life.

Comments, questions, feedback, and constructive criticism are always welcome here.