Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Hero's Dilemma 01-09

Chapter 1, Page 9

Attack of the Elipses!

009 - Motive

Good Lord! I am SO done with color. Unless I find some way to color these things much faster, they're going to be black and white from now on. Adding color added at least two days onto this thing. Things like character sketches I will still do in color, but not series pieces like this. At least, not until I can make them good enough to sink that kind of time into.

Paragon doesn't know how to respond when things aren't what he expects. When a villain is kidnapping ambassadors or conjuring dark magic, he's all courage and one-liners. But as soon as she shows signs of weakness or embarrassment, he's all "this isn't in the manual" and "this isn't what's supposed to happen".

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Friday, May 2, 2014

Hero's Dilemma 01-08

Chapter 1, Page 8

Once again, a scene that should include a sound effect does not have one. If it helps, I'll put it here: "WHAP"

007 -

Whoa! Now it's in color again? Oh man, you never know what to expect from me!
Seriously though-- I think this one turned out the best so far, (at least the first three frames,) since I took the time to both color and shade it.

So here's the deal: I'm probably going to do five or six more of these and end it not quite at the end of this chapter.
Then, if I feel like I'm getting enough support and enough people are actually reading these, I'll start on my secret poject from there. What might that be? Well, I can't give you the details right now, but it is completely unrelated to Paragon's story or world (for more about him, you'll have to visit my Deviant Art page).
But when (if) I get to it, it will update once a week and I'd like to do it in full color, but that may depend on the time I am able to put into it.

Comments, questions, feedback, and constructive criticism are always welcome here.